About Us
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About Us

We provide tailored IT & Business training in Malta

Clear Dimension, a multi-national training centre with a focus on delivering superior quality training to its clients, offering a range of information technology (IT) learning opportunities that meets a variety of standards and levels.

Our courses are designed for attendees to feel engaged with the course content and reap the rewards of the training delivered by out consultants and subject matter experts.

We take pride in the course material delivered due to our innovative, industry-ready programs that help make businesses and their people better. Our collaboration with international brands and experts allows us to design quality courses, ensuring our curriculum is current and our instructors committed to delivering the necessary new skills sets.

Clear Dimension is committed to provide a career path for students who are willing to become Scholar-Practitioners in the society they live. We achieve this goal by guiding students to success with integrity, quality and enjoyment.

Clear Dimension will follow a quality assurance policy based on the European Quality Assurance Framework. We will strive to apply, maintain and review this policy in accordance with the fast growing needs in society



The global marketplace is facing a significant skill shortage with many technologies. This, coupled by rapid technology evolution and a constant struggle to retain your knowledge employees has led to unique challenges within the sector.


Businesses having to evolve rapidly result in overstretched training teams. Clear Dimension offers a training service that is tailored for your company and your requirements within an engagement model that is both flexible and reliable.


Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to update yourself on certain skills or are considering a career change to IT, Clear Dimension offers a variety of professional development opportunities to suit your needs.


Certification is a vital part of the training process. That is why all our courses lead to a certification. Certifications will not only act as a reward for your accomplishment, but will also embellish your CV and also showcase your level of expertise in certain key areas with your current and future employers.

Over and above our standard certification through our partnership network with leading IT vendors, Clear Dimension delivers bespoke training services to our commercial clients, often targeting a key IT skill or technology though sometimes used in a cyclical manner for employee continuous development. Despite the variety of courses and content, Clear Dimension ensures that appropriate certification is given and accomplishments appropriately rewarded.