Senior Level Linux Professional LPIC-3
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Linux LPIC-3

Senior Level Linux Professional LPIC-3


Linux Professional Institute provides global framework, industry leadership and services to enhance, develop and further lifelong professional careers in Linux and Open Source technologies. LPI’s industry standard certifications are delivered in thousands of locations worldwide, in multiple languages and with the support of employers, vendors, and trainers.


The LPI Certification Program is:

  • Designed by a community of Linux professionals, volunteers, vendors and educators.
  • Challenging: if you don’t know the subjects you won’t pass.
  • Accessible and available at thousands of test centres around the world or at special events.
  • Of high quality: relying on critical input from numerous Linux experts and employing scientific and industry-recognized psychometric processes.
  •  Distribution-neutral: verifying knowledge on any standard Linux system Relevant: surveying thousands to determine the skills that need to be tested.
  • Training-vendor independent: encouraging a variety of methods and approaches to test preparation.
  • Supported and sponsored by a large number of Linux companies and projects A certification the Linux community can respect and be proud of.
Compulsory Topics
  • LDAP and X.500 technical specification
  • Attribute definitions
  • Directory namespaces
  • Distinguished names
  • LDAP Data Interchange Format
  • Meta-directories
  • Change type operations
Intended For

LPIC-3 is designed for the “enterprise-level” Linux professional. The program has been developed with the input of hundreds of Linux professionals from around the globe and with input from some of the world’s leading technology companies. It also represents the highest level of professional, distribution-neutral Linux certification within the industry.
Senior level administrator.


LPIC-2 (LP201 & LP202)


LP301 – 3 months (Part-time)
LP302 – 3 months (Part-time)


LP301: 117-301
117-302 or 303 or 304 or 305 or 306

Learning Outcome
  • Have several years experience with installing and maintaining Linux on a number of computers for various purposes
  • Have integration experience with diverse technologies and operating systems
  • Have professional experience as, or training for, an enterprise level Linux professional. (Including having experience as a part of another role)
  • Know advanced and enterprise levels of Linux administration including installation, management, security, troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Be able to use open source tools to measure capacity planning and troubleshoot resource problems
  • Have professional experience using LDAP to integrate with Unix services and Windows services, including Samba, PAM, email, Active Directory
  • Be able to plan, architecture, design, build and implement a full environment using Samba and LDAP as well as measure the capacity planning and security of the services
  • Be able create scripts in Bash or Perl or has knowledge of at least one system programming language (such as C)
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