Prince2® Foundation & Practitioner
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Foundation & Practitioner

The aim during the course is to achieve an effective balance between exam success and the need for skills transfer in Project Management
PRINCE2 is trained by foreign ATO certified instructors.
The course covers the full PRINCE2 syllabus and therefore equips delegates not just to take the Foundation and Practitioner examinations, but also to understand the broad range of PRINCE2’s principles, key themes, processes and techniques.
Delegates are required to undertake preliminary study using the Pre-Course Workbook. Further self-study is also expected during the evenings of each course day.
Compulsory Topics
The following topics will be covered:
  • Introduction to PRINCE2 and Project Management
           o What is a Project?
           o The Project Environment
           o Benefits of PRINCE2
           o PRINCE2 Principles
o Overview of PRINCE2 Key Themes, Processes and Techniques
  • Starting Up a Project Process
  • Organisation Theme
  • Business Case Theme
  • Directing a Project Process
  • Initiating a Project Process
  • Plans Theme and the Product-Based Planning Technique
  • Management of Risk Theme
  • Controlling a Stage, Managing Product Delivery and Managing  a Stage Boundary Processes
  • Progress Theme
  • Change Theme
  • Quality Theme and Quality Review Technique
  • Examination Preparation
Intended For

This course is designed to provide delegates with a working understanding of the PRINCE2 structured project management method. It will enable them to use the method when working within a PRINCE2 project and to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner examinations.


Some previous experience in a project environment is advisable. This might mean delegates are already managing projects and now require formal PRINCE2 training, or that they are perhaps involved in some form of project support activity.


5 days (Full-Time)

Delegates can sit the PRINCE2 Foundation examination at the end of the third day of the course.  This is a one-hour, multiple-choice, closed book examination testing the delegate’s knowledge of PRINCE2 theory.  Delegates need to score 50% or more, to pass.
The Practitioner exam will be held on the final day of the course.  It is a two-and-a-half hour Objective Testing Examination (complex multiple-choice).  There are nine questions based around a case-study scenario.

Delegates are allowed to use an annotated PRINCE2 manual to assist them in the examination.  The pass mark (55%) is averaged across all nine questions.

Learning Outcome
This course will enable participants to:
  • Describe the characteristics of a project and appreciate why projects need to be managed
  • Describe the benefits of using PRINCE2 as a project management methodology
  • Demonstrate their knowledge understanding of the elements of PRINCE2
  • Assess their own projects in respect to what they have learnt
  • Return to their own projects and apply the concepts and techniques learnt
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